TÜV SÜD Issued Verification of Organizations’ Carbon Footprint for Portugal Embassy in BJ | Tech

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TÜV SÜD Issued Verification of Organizations’ Carbon Footprint for Portugal Embassy in BJ

June 16 , 2011 02:02:21 PM utc+8

Beijing, May 31st, 2011, Embassy of the Republic of Portugal in Beijing organized a ceremony for their Carbonfree Project. Representative from TÜV SÜD handed over the Verification Statement of 2010 Organizations’ Carbon Footprint to the Ambassador. This is the first GHG verification case among all foreign embassies in Beijing.  

Mr. jose Tadeu Soares the Ambassador from the Embassy of the Republic of Portugal in Beijing with Lena Liu, Carbon Management Manager of Greater China, from TÜV SÜD

The Auditors for GHG from TÜV SÜD started their auditing work from the beginning of May, 2011. After communicating with the consulting company ECOPROGRESSO, through document review, progress tracing, investigation on-site and other ways needed, TÜV SÜD Indentified nonconformities and raised the improvement suggestions for the Embassy, after resolution of Corrective action Requests, final verification report and verification were successfully issued.

Along with the significant economical development in China, GHG emission is also growing very fast, as the “world’s factory”, carbon intensive production in China already arise focus from other countries, “how to reduce the GHG emissions efficiently” now becomes one of the most important thing for China Development. Government Report 2011”Main Objectives and Tasks for the Twelfth Five-Year Plan Period” published in March, 2011 determined the carbon dioxide emission reduction targets by 2015: carbon dioxide emissions per unit of GDP decreased by 17%, and requesting to establish a sound system of statistical accounting of greenhouse gas emissions, and gradually establish a carbon emissions trading market, and promote low carbon pilot demonstration.

TÜV SÜD is the first DOE to get the CDM validation and verification accreditation from UN, now has more than 670 projects successfully registered, completed more than 140 verification projects. The service scopes in carbon resources management area cover CDM/JI project validation and verification, GHG Emission Verification, Carbon footprint verification.

Mr. Jose Tadeu Soares, The ambassador from the Embassy of the Republic of Portugal in Beijing said “To ask for the Organizations’ Carbon Footprint Verification and do offsetting is our responsibility for the society and in order for protecting the world’s environment, is a response for the ‘low-carbon economic’ which China and Portugal are called for in recent years. Everyone and every unit, no matter small or big, you can follow ‘the common but differentiated responsibility’ rules while facing the climate changing problem to do some help. If representative from China and other country would do the same as us, some positive changes may happen, make good for the worlds’ climate. TÜV SÜD is very professional with their technology service, we trust them.”